Home Health Services

Nurse for private duty

Medical, surgical, psychiatric and pediatric: we can cover the many department needs of any hospital thanks to the broad skill base that our strong team offers.

Attendant for psychiatry (mental) patient

Supporting someone who has psychosis can be difficult. Your relative or friend may appear to be different either as a direct result of their symptoms, or because of the side effects of their medication. Their behaviour may be unusual, irritating and hard to cope with, or at times unreasonable and perhaps frightening. As a ‘carer’ we know how to give emotional support and offer practical help on a day-to-day basis. Our supporting role may consume time and be emotionally exhausting.


Attendant for oldage care

We offer 24 hour service to clients who may need service around the clock. We also provide overnight stay to handle situations where a senior needs services overnight for a relatively short period of time. The focus is to provide just the type of care needed to assist in recovering physically from a recent hospitalization or event that require that senior care services be provided for a period of short duration. The services provided are intended to assist the senior to regain the ability to live independently.

Our staff is trained to offer the kind of support and care needed, during this traumatic period, for the senior to regain their confidence to live independently again.

We know that our caregivers will make it easier for family and friends to handle such a stressful situation.

Attendant for bedridden patient

Our nurses are available for look after all the employees of a companies for routine check up as well as minor diseases like headache, injury, stomach pain,...etc.

Respite care

Respite care provides relief for the family or other caregivers of a dependent who is living at home. This service is available on demand depending on the need of the family or caregivers. The services provided are determined by the needs of the dependent client.This service allows the dependent to remain at home in a comfortable setting despite not having their customary caregiver.The caregiver is afforded the opportunity to attend to their own affairs.

Live-in Companion

The live-in companion provides supervision, companionship and socializing to clients who otherwise would be alone so that they can live independently at home. The intent is to assure the client's safety and well-being.

Duties include but not limited to the following:

1. Meal planning and preparation

2. Shopping and transportation

3. Planning trips and social events

4. Light house-keeping

5. Medication reminder

Our service is designed to meet the needs of our client. If there is a need for personal care, we will assign a home health aide or a certified nursing assistant who is trained to provide such care.